Wednesday, May 07, 2008

updated update

Following will be a brief disquisition on the state of my knee/tibial plateau. So, if you are tired of hearing about it, stop reading now.

I went to see 2 doctors and 2 lawyers today. They all agree, except on the point of which of them I should retain. I feel like a tasty morsel in the shark tank. The points of agreement: 1. a lawyer will be able to handle the case for me and make the sailing a lot smoother. The case looks pretty good, though a lot hinges on the type of insurance the driver had. 2. My knee definitely needs surgery. The 2 doctors I saw today both said that I would lose normal use of the knee without surgery, because the cartilage has been pushed way down by the force of the femur hitting it during the impact. It would heal, but the joint would render me eternally floppy-legged and knock-kneed. They said that letting the fracture heal on its own would be the treatment for an elderly person who was never planning to do any sports and whose body couldn't really take surgery.

So, it looks like an MRI tomorrow or Friday to check the ligaments, and then surgery next week (Weds or Thurs). I'm going with a knee guy from Mt. Sinai Hospital. He seems passionate about knees and makes silly puns. Wears argyle socks.

Lawyer-wise, I think I have made a decision also.

So, onward... slowly, very slowly, and gimpily.


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