Monday, October 02, 2006

difficulty, laziness, happiness

It has already happened: I already let a day go by without posting. It would be funny if it were not so disappointing.

I have found one tiny possible loophole though: even though I didn't post it yesterday, I did take this photo yesterday.

We had a potluck on a sunday that was supposed to be rainy. The sun nevertheless shone, and we used the welding mask that they guy who fixed the stairs left here to look at the clouds and the sun. The sun looked green.

Amy brought a chocolate fountain and everyone ate lots of fruit and chocolate. Julia came with beautiful earrings in the shape of cicadas. Andrew and Carl made blackberry pancakes. Kimi made pear mimosas. Ken brought lilies. Raul brought aphrodisial poblanos. I insisted on listening to James Brown "Reality" and made funky ova: eggs, chives, and romano. Yuliy made Bloody Mashas and told us about the Russian chess championships.

Annabel and Sarah sat on the roof near the morning glories.


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