Tuesday, May 06, 2008


1. Flashback
to a party, my mother, my sister Amy, and me... many years ago.
To see more of Amy (and her daughter Leora Diza) check out their current blog.

2. Update (for family and those who are interested in the minutiae of my tibial plateau fracture)...

Yesterday I had my appointment at the Woodhull Orthopedic Clinic. Man, was it nice to be back in that joint... not. Actually, the clinic's definitely an improvement over the ER, though you would think they might have enough chairs in an orthopedic clinic... Anyway, the doctors are very caring and efficient. They informed me that I have to decide about surgery. I need more opinions.

Tomorrow I have appointments with 2 more orthopedists, one recommended by each of my 2 potential lawyers (after finding someone who seemed perfectly good, I found out that my friend's father is a very reputable personal injury lawyer. I have meetings with both of them tomorrow as well!). Once I have second opinions I will either get a cast, or get surgery and then get a cast. So much for trips to the beach for the next couple of months... I hear that sand in your cast is unpleasant. On the bright side, I expect all of you, gentle readers, to autograph my plaster! I'll be on crutches for 6-8 weeks.

Meanwhile, our lease ends at the end of June, and our landlord has $$$$$$$ in his eyes and wants to raise our rent by over a grand. Boy am I tired of cresting the wave of gentrification! So, Aaron and I are going to go check out some city-funded first-time homebuyers classes & assistance -- and meanwhile try to get Mr. Landlord to extend our lease a couple of months. There is one unit in our current building that's been empty for 2 months now, because they want way too much for it... So cross your fingers for us that we find a sweet little place in Flushing (most diverse place in the entire world, has a Ganesha temple!) to buy, and that we can figure out how to work out all the money stuff.... and that we can stay here till that all works out. I can't imagine trying to pack boxes on crutches -- though I know there are much worse hardships... it is really hard for me to complain about ANY of this considering what people are going through in Burma and elsewhere -- once again I feel the odd ambivalence of being super-lucky and extremely plagued with misadventure... confusing.


Everybody cross your fingers for Obama in Indiana and North Carolina! (Unless you're not an Obama supporter; in which case, call me so I can convince you to be one).


non sequitor:

Anybody have copies of Wallace Stevens's essays on insurance? please let me know...


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