Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Yesterday I mastered a 50-minute performance by Jonas Mekas and friends which I recorded last week (on the night of the new moon equinox). If I can figure out how to post sound on a blog I will post a nice excerpt here.

"We are with you, with all of you
who preceded us
we are not going to betray you
with all the poets and saints and scientists
we are with you tonight
and bad things are happening all around us
but we are somewhere else
no no no we are not going to betray you."

Today I found out that two radio artists (Gregory Whitehead and Pete Tridish) I suggested to the New School will appear on a panel I can't make, in November. I am so happy that they are coming together, and that Tianna and others from ASC will go. Here is a community that has ambivalence about success: in failure is anonymity, which is important for low-power on the down-low.


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