Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Legasus, etc.

OK, check it out -- my doctor gave me these pictures~ I think they were taken by the orthoscopic cameras... grody, right? I made 'em real hard to see in these pix, didn't want to inflict the scanned version on any innocents.

This is the "before" shot. Where my bone was supposed to be, there was a red hole!

And here's the "after shot" -- by shoving a bunch of donor-bone "croutons" (I kid you not -- my orthopedist told me) into the tibia, they pushed the plateau up to where it is in the pic below -- a nice white bone shelf for the femur! So, here is a successful surgery:

Ick, right? It's pretty cool though. On the X-rays you can also see a great big piece of hardware holding the plateau up. BIONIC KNEE!

Surgery itself was an extremely intense experience, shot through with long, boring periods of waiting in bland spaces. Weirdest of all, perhaps, the holding pen with a bunch of freaked-out, dozing people with shower caps lying in gurneys, watching each other with trepidatious, glazed expressions...

The pain was pretty intense and still bothers me sometimes, but mostly my leg just feels like a piece of meat (see above). Now I have a new friend, the Legasus:

My new friend. We spend four hours a day together... it makes me feel like I am flying! I'm serious about the name, by the way!

Here's a couple of chasers from the weekend I spent at my mom's recuperating:

My mom was wonderful to me, convinced me to take naps and washed my hair and cooked enough so that we don't have to cook all week.

I am back in Brooklyn, hanging out with the cats.


Blogger Esther said...

Hey Greta! I found your blog from Amy's. I hope you're recovering well. I got my wisdom teeth out on May 14 and I'm still on vicodin, so I can sympathize in a way. I hope you're not in too much pain and that Aaron is doing well.

Sniffle Star :-)

12:04 PM  

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